Looking After Big Bird

Admin Jan 30, 2022
Looking After Big Bird

In a recent issue of MRO Management magazine, reporter Ian Goold looked at how Airbus is addressing the maintenance requirements of the workhorse A380, now entering its second decade of service. 

Maintaining flight worthiness of ageing aircraft and components is a continual challenge, made all the more critical by the pressures operators face in keeping assets in the air to meet the growing worldwide demand for passenger and cargo transport. 

Blu Miles plays a key Service Lifecycle Management role in keeping fleets at maximum capacity, leveraging our experience in manufacturing, MRO services and aftermarket parts manufacture-repair-certification.  We assist clients in developing stringent, reliable parts fatigue testing and compliance protocols, and devising maintenance and repair processes that assure parts are rapidly refurbished and certified.  The digital transformation of the value chain will result in a more robust, responsive repair and replacement capability that allows operators to maintain peak performance and seize revenue opportunities.

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