Blu Miles Aviation Services... Guiding Aerospace and Aviation Clients to Better Performance, Better Results, Better Returns

Blu Miles Aviation Services..Guiding Aerospace and Aviation Clients to Better Performance, Better Results, Better Returns


As an aviation management consulting firm focused on Service Life Cycle Optimization, we collaborate with business partners across the aviation and aerospace spectrum, helping OEMs, Operators, MROs, Aftermarket Manufacturers and Supply Chain vendors:

  • Unlock Value and Create New Opportunities
  • Implement New Tools to Sustain Success
  • Develop Actionable Intelligence
  • Energize Teams to Excel

We focus on nine core areas:

Enterprise Transformation
Unlock Value, Create New Opportunities & Develop Actionable Intelligence  Read More
Mergers & Acquisitions
Assess Risks & Threats, Identify & Act on Opportunities  Read More
Advisory Services
Creative Deal Making, Serving Investor, Lessor & Asset Management Firms  Read More
Modeling & Analytics
Effective Transition to Advanced Performance-Based Logistics, Build and Deploy Superior Forecasting & Planning, KPI Metrics &More  Read More
Inventory & Asset Valuation
Optimize & Monetize Investment in Inventory, Buying, Selling, Recycling Assets at Max Value  Read More
Engineering & Test Cells
Recommend & Deploy Advanced Technologies, Enhance Capabilities for B2B, Supply Chain, Sales Ops & More  Read More
Blu Cloud
Software as a Service ( SaaS), Chatbots and Aviation based solutions  Read More
Digital Marketing and Communications
Digital Campaigns tailored-made to suit your needs, increase your digital footprints  Read More
Investment Funding
Asset Acquisition, Capabilities Expansion  Read More

Market Events

Blu Miles in the News

  • Looking After Big Bird 31.03.2020
    In a recent issue of MRO Management magazine, reporter Ian Goold looked at how Airbus is addressing the maintenance requirements of the workhorse A380, now entering its second decade of service. 

Snaps of the Month

Changing Business

  • Digital Transformation... Are You Ready? 31.03.2020
    A recent announcement from Spirit AeroSystems gives us a peek at the future of aviation parts manufacturing.  Spirit has delivered a back-up fitting for an access door latch. 
  • The Value of Modeling & Analytics 25.03.2020
    Successful businesses rely on modeling and analytics to evaluate, understand and monitor process and operational improvements, allowing them to identify and rectify problems sooner.

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