Digital Transformation... Are You Ready?

Admin Jan 24, 2022
Digital Transformation... Are You Ready?

A recent announcement from Spirit AeroSystems gives us a peek at the future of aviation parts manufacturing.  Spirit has delivered a back-up fitting for an access door latch.  Nothing unusual about that, surely; however, when you consider that the titanium structural component for a Boeing 787 was produced via 3D printing, THAT is unusual, and just a foreshadow of things to come. 

3D printing, additive manufacturing, computer-aided inspection and other digital-technology-based capabilities represent a seismic shift in how parts will be produced.  These techniques reduce waste, improve quality, lower turn-around time and enable on-demand parts production.  And they all rely on digital transformation of the manufacturing process. 

Blu Miles’ pioneering work in digital transformation employs advanced technology to capture information on the environment, people and machines, enabling status, location, actions and exceptions assessments and creating a smart system that informs, alerts, coordinates and connects everyone.  Read on to learn more about Blu Miles’ comprehensive approach to digital transformation

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